Beach Hotel - Mnemba Resort

A tropical island paradise in every sense of the word, Mnemba Island is a blissful piece of heaven situated just off the northern tip of mnembabar surrounded by the crisp blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Here the simplest of pleasures turn into magical luxuries where the finer things in life are the sounds of gentle waves lapping the coral pearly white sands so fine along the shoreline, miles of ocean to gaze across whilst it changes shades of blue, green and turquoise as the sun emits dancing rays over its glistening surface, and the blissful quiet enabling you to enjoy paradise just as you please.

Mnemba is a tiny island that will leave you feeling like it is almost entirely and exclusively yours. A haven for no more than 20 guests at a time, as well as a team of warm hospitable staff that inhabit this island, Mnemba is a private island with this very sole purpose - to make you feel as if you have fallen off the edge of the world and landed in your very own paradise. Here luxury is defined by the paradise you wish to create.

Whether your perfect island getaway is blissful solitude soaking up the sun or curling up beneath a thatch umbrella reading one of the lodge's library books, diving with dolphins, snorkelling around the Mnemba reef, massages in your very own beach day bed, sleeping in until the fresh ocean air lures you out onto the impossibly luxurious coral beach sands or sailing in a dhow sipping delicious cocktails, Mnemba has a little inspiration in every corner to tempt you to create your very own Robinson Crusoe paradise island story. Whether as a relaxing end to an exhilarating safari through the wilderness of Tanzania or an island getaway all on its own, it's your world here at Mnemba to enjoy precisely as you wish!

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