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Mikumi 3 Days Package – From Zanzibar Return

Tour Plan


Day 1

Leaving Zanzibar at 09h30 in the morning and takes you for about 2 hours flight to Mikumi National Park where you go for a tasteful lunch with a view of the open fields where animals are strolling around throughout the day. After lunch you go for an afternoon game drive and enjoy the wild animals as you are driving around Mikumi, Tanzania’s fourth largest national park, often referred to as littl e Serengeti as the area of Mkata flood plains which resembles the world-famous savannahs of Serengeti. Destination: Mikumi National Park Accommodation: Tanswiss hotel or Wild life Camp/Lodge

Day 2

Early morning driving to Udzungwa Mountain Forest with size of 1990 mk squire this is rain forest and there are more than 400 bird spicies , 2500 plants and 6primate species . It has the second largest biodiversity of National park in Africa Udzungwa revolves around hiking and trekking as the park has no roads to drive in the forest and accessible only by foot. The most common walk is the Sanje Waterfalls trail which takes approximately four hours to complete and allows the visiter access to the stunning 170 m waterfall and includes swimming in the waterfall plunge as part of activity, evening back to the lodge for leisure and overnight Destination: Mikumi National Park Accommodation: Tanswiss hotel or Wild life Camp/Lodge

Day 3

This day you start early in the morning with some fruits, biscuits and some coffee or tea before you head back into the wild before even the birds wake up. This is the best chance to find the nocturnal animals, and some people may be lucky enough to find them “in action” hunting or eating at these hours. Around eight or nine you go back to the lodge for breakfast (if you did not bring it with you). After breakfast, you go back into the wild for a couple of hours before you head back to air strip for your flight back to Zanzibar. End of the program.

Mikumi 3 Days Package – From Zanzibar Return

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A visit Mikumi National can easily be combined with hiking in the rainforests of Udzungwa Mountains National Park, or a couple of days in the gigantic Selous Game Reserve. Selous Game Reserve and Mikumi National Park are bordering each other. Further Mikumi National Park is split by a surfaced road between Dar es Salaam and Iringa. In other words, Mikumi National Park is a very accessible national park that attracts many visitors from all over the world. The National Park of Mikumi is also known as “The little Serengeti”.

Lions survey their grassy kingdom – and the zebra, wildebeest, impala and buffalo herds that migrate across it – from the flattened tops of termite mounds, or sometimes, during the rains, from perches high in the trees. Giraffes forage in the isolated acacia woods along the Mkata River, giving shade also favoured by Mikumi’s elephants.


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