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Zanzibar Prison Island excursion

Zanzibar Prison Island excursion

Trust Tours offer affordable Zanzibar Prison Island excursion where you can visit a giant tortoise sanctuary and snorkel on the corals surrounding Prison Island, and get to know Zanzibar’s history. At Prison Island excursion, you can see the historical prison buildings, can meet the giant tortoise in their sanctuary, can Snorkel in the colorful coral reefs nearby and enjoy the beautiful Indian Ocean. Prison Island tour is worth spending the money as it is easily accessible and interesting enough. The oldest turtle on the Prison island is 180 years old. You may feed and touch the giant tortoises however riding them or sitting on them is not allowed. You and your family will have great fun at Zanzibar Prison Island excursion.

This is half day trip: leaving at your hotel after breakfast and take boat ride to the Island where the Sultan SAID ARGASH BIN SAID built the big building to be used as a Prison in 1873 but unfortunately that Prison never been used so letter changed for quarantine against leprosy disease for East African Countries , there are some building used as hospital for such disease.

On this Island there are several Giant Tortoises who over 100 years which are very friendly with people and also there is wonderful beach where people are taking leisure .

You can also have opportunity to enjoy your tip for snorkeling at about 100 meters from the Island with no extra cost.


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