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Zanzibar Jozani forest

Zanzibar Jozani forest

Trust safaris offers tour in Jozani forest, Zanzibar – the home of rare Red Colobus Monkey. This trip is for nature lovers to experience the thrilling fascination of walking through large palm trees. The Jozani Forest is located in the central east region of Zanzibar Island is the home of rare Red Colobus Monkey, which is only endemic to Zanzibar. here are about 6000 red colobus monkey residing in Jozani Forest.There are about 6000 red colobus monkey residing in Jozani Forest. Zanzibar Jozani forest tour is famed for Red Colobus monkeys, walking tour on a boardwalk in mangrove forest and Lively birdlife

Driving trip from where you stay to south of the Island of Zanzibar where National reserved Forest is located ,the forest is very reach with Mahogany trees, pandanus trees, Indian almond trees and raphia trees, at the area where INDIA almond trees are , is the real home of red colobus Monkeys who are very friendly with people, they may jump on to your shoulders , very funny and interesting to watch them when are playing.

This trip will also get you opportunity to visit Mangroves board walk where some crey fish are found.
The trip will end up by visiting the ruins called Bi Khole ruins which was built by the SULTAN sister where was special for self interest purpose.


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